Thursday, February 6, 2014

Happy Birthday Bob Marley (and Bob Marley Day)

Today in 1945, 69 years ago, the reggae and music legend Bob Marley was born.

While I write about the blues on this blog, I consider reggae to be the Jamaican "blues". The beats and rhythms change, but the lyrical and roots similarities are very strong.

The blues and reggae both came from Africa, and reggae, and by extension the Rastafarai movement, seeks a more Afrocentric lifestyle, to stand up to exploitation.

Bob Marley is remembered not only the best reggae and Jamaican ambassador, but also an iconic pop culture behemoth, who still stands the test of time across all generations.

On this occasion, Mayor Rob Ford of Toronto, Canada has announced today to be 'Bob Marley Day' :

"Bob Marley became one of the greatest ambassadors of peace the world has seen. He used music to tear down the walls of apartheid and promoted African unity, culture and world peace both at home and internationally, with songs like One Love and Africa Unite. Today, his music continues to be loved by many and is instantly recognized around the world.
Now therefore, I, Mayor Rob Ford, on behalf of Toronto City Council, do hereby proclaim February 6, 2014 as “Bob Marley Day” in the City of Toronto."

Happy Birthday to the rasta masta, and here's "Exodus" for ya mon:

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