Sunday, September 22, 2013

The Pan Arabian Enquirer Trolls The Dubai Jazz Fest (With Good Reason)

The Pan Arabian Enquirer, the highly popular satirical tabloid website, has eloquently trolled the Dubai Jazz Festival.

The headline reads:

Middle East metalheads, country fans and ravers looking forward to hearing line-up for Dubai Jazz Festival 2014

Then ends with a headshot:

“I hope it’s Megadeth, or maybe even Tiesto,” said Qatari jazz fan Mustapha Watson. 

This is a direct response to the Dubai Jazz Festival calling the 2013 event "Rocking the City" and featuring 3 Doors Down, Deep Purple, One Republic, and The Script as the headliners of the "jazz" festival, leaving the real jazz musicians sidelined to a jazz corner, and many fans confused and upset. 

I wrote about this previously, and it's great to see this issue become a major scandal. I also want to point out that the organizers are not pros, and had this to say about those who complained about the music and artist choices:

Thanks to the Pan Arabian Enquirer for their sweet execution, however the 2014 Dubai Jazz Fest already signed up Olly Murs, a pop star from the UK who was on X-Factor.

We hope the next festival is actually focused on jazz and not trying to be a pop concert aimed at making sick amounts of money under that disguise.


  1. Nouveaux riches money whores with absolute lack of culture and taste

  2. Bit harsh but no one likes to hear the truth anyways.


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