Saturday, August 31, 2013

New Fender Bass Reissues: Coronado & Starcaster Basses!

Fender Coronado Bass

Fender Starcaster Bass

I'll admit, I didn't see this coming.

The Coronado and Starcaster basses are being reissued by Fender. The Coronado was released in the mid-60's and didn't last that long. The Starcaster was a prototype and only a few were made in the mid-70's, which makes any original very rare.

They aren't based on any "Fender" designs like the Precision or Jazz, rather more like Gibsons.

I honestly wouldn't buy one but it seems that they won't be very expensive, so for you bassists out there who want a Fender with a twist, then try one of these. They will be out sometime later in the coming months.

Check out the specs for the Coronado [here] and the Starcaster [here].

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