Sunday, August 4, 2013

20 Terrible Blues Song Names

Taken from Conan O'Brien's website, fan submitted:

The Terrible 20: Blues Song Titles

  1. "Alcoholism And Depression Hotel"
  2. "My Baby Left Me For A Guy With A Mullet"
  3. "Black Magic Walrus"
  4. "Give Me Back My February Issue of 'Cat Fancy' Magazine Please, Blues"
  5. "I Got Gastrointestinal Discomfort Troubles"
  6. “Born Under a Jersey Overpass”
  7. I've Misplaced My Back Scratcher” 
  8. “No One Lets Me Ride Shotgun Blues”
  9. "The View’ Is on While I’m on the Elliptical Blues”
  10. “Ain’t No Salt on My Fries”
  11. “I Only Got Me 140 Characters”
  12. “Unidentified Rash Boogie”
  13. “Accidentally Bought Lean Pockets Blues”
  14. “Ain’t Nobody That Can Break This Hundred”
  15. “Ain’t Got No Battery Left”
  16. "My Old Lady Is Actually Quite Nice To Me”
  17. “Undescended Testicle Boogie”
  18. “Let’s All Get Drunk for Christmas and Slap Each Other Out”
  19. “I Got Sick on Your Rug Blues”
  20. “One Bourbon, One Scotch, One Bath Salts” 

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