Thursday, July 18, 2013

Standard of the Week: 'Baby Please Don't Go'

This week, we delve into one of the most famous and most played blues standard of all time, called 'Baby Please Don't Go'. It was originally written and performed by Big Joe Williams in 1935, with himself on guitar and vocals, and features a fiddle and a washboard (played by Dad Tracy and Chasey Collins respectively), bringing on the work song origins and inspirations of the Mississippi Delta to the big city of Chicago where it was recorded.

The song was a smash hit and Williams went on to record another version of it later , as did several notable bluesmen adding their own touches such as Lightnin' Hopkins in 1947:

An electric Chicago blues from Muddy Waters in 1953:

And once rock n' roll came into action, many rock artists such as Bob Dylan in 1962: 

And even freakin' Aerosmith covered it:

Another major blues record that inspired legions of artists. Come back next week for another standard; or on second thought... baby, please don't go!!

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