Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Humor Blues - 'Chicken Cordon Blues'

I always share songs about despair, hard times, cheating lovers and assorted other things that make us cry. However I also am about having fun too; who says we have to be serious all the time?

Thanks to Steve Goodman, we have a funny blues tune called "Chicken Cordon Blues", which discusses the disintegrating eating habits of two lovers, as such:

When I first met you baby, you fed me on chicken and wine.
It was steak and potatoes and lobster and babe I sure felt fine.
But now all you ever give me is seaweed and alfalfa sprouts
And sunflower seeds and I got my doubts -
Babe, you left me here with the Chicken Cordon Bleus.

Alfalfa seeds... you can't get more blue than that!

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