Wednesday, January 30, 2013

'Snake Oil Blues' Now Available for Free Download

I'm happy to announce that my new song 'Snake Oil Blues' is now available for free streaming and download!

The song is my throwback to the old days of the blues. I hope you all enjoy it! 

You can view and download the track (and my older one Dem Blues is Coming) here.

Thanks to Fuad Murad of Household Productions and to Bachir Najjar for the cover design.


  1. This is great stuff... i'm a big fan of jazz, classical jazz and new orleans styled jazz, (rebirth brass band and kermit ruffles)
    first time i hear an Arabic blues and jazz player... keep it up...
    p.s i'm a friend of your sister and Bachir as well.... which makes this even crazier..

  2. Thanks a lot Amjad; yes it's a small world innit :) Glad you passed by!


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