Monday, November 26, 2012

67 Years Ago: Charlie Parker Records 'Ko-Ko' featuring Dizzie Gillespie

Bird and Dizzy
Today in 1945, the first ever bebop song was recorded, according to popular opinion.

See, during this time, there was a ban on union musicians to record for the labels due to royalty issues; so not many records were released, and due to this it has lead this song, "Ko-Ko" to be perceived as such.

Of course, Bird, real name Charlie Parker, would create massive waves with this song, which features trumpeter extraordinaire Dizzy Gillespie on trumpet (and piano) and himself on alto sax.

This new sound, of fast solos, complex rhythm work and improv, would soon lead to other forms of jazz, including hard-bop and modal jazz.

It's interesting to disbelieve this song is actually from 1945; it still sounds fresh today, and is easily understood how this genre of jazz was the framework for the future. Interesting tid-bit; it seems Miles Davis was supposed to play the trumpet on this track but was not available, so Dizzy stepped in!

Here's the song 'Ko-Ko'; enjoy everyone!

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  1. Is there any similarity between Duke Ellington's Masterpiece Ko Ko and Charlie Parker's Be Bop Classic?


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