Tuesday, October 16, 2012

7 CD Charles Mingus Box Set to be Released

via Mosaic Records
Mosaic Records has announced that they will release a 7 CD limited edition by one of the greatest jazz musicians Charles Mingus.

Here's what they had to say:
"We are pleased to announce "Charles Mingus - The Jazz Workshop Concerts 1964-65 (Town Hall, Amsterdam, Monterey '64, Monterey '65 & Minneapolis)." It chronicles the essential live performances of this genius of modern music as his compositions achieved a depth and complexity we would come to know as Mingus's most signature work. It includes (on the earlier recordings) the brilliant Eric Dolphy, along with Jaki Byard, Dannie Richmond, Johnny Coles, and Clifford Jordan -- certainly one of the best assemblages of musicians ever.
And the music, recorded across the world's concert stages and intended for release by Charles Mingus Enterprises, dashes once and for all every previously-held notion about what is, and isn't, jazz."
Here's the full link with more information: Mosaic Records

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