Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Steve Vai VS The Blues - The Ultimate Duel

Anyone remember the movie Crossroads from 1986?

Here's the synopsis via Wikipedia:

Eugene Martone has a fascination for the blues while he studies classical guitar at the Juilliard School for Performing Arts in New York City. Researching blues and guitar music brings famed Robert Johnson's mythically creative acclaim to his attention; especially intriguing are the legends surrounding exactly how Johnson became so talented - most notably the one claiming he "sold his soul to the Devil at the crossroads" (a concept taken from Faust) , as well as a famed "missing song" that was lost, supposedly evermore, to the world.

And guess who the Devil is? Well none other than shred guitar master Steve Vai.

An interesting battle ensues between them... who wins?! Watch and see! (Ry Cooder played the slide guitar parts).

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