Monday, September 24, 2012

Booze and the Blues - A Mutual Relationship

You can't have the blues without booze (unless you live in Kuwait, which means you got the blues on a whole new level); alcohol is a common subject and commodity that has been mentioned (and used) in blues music since it's origins.

 Booze is an ailment to feeling lonesome, sick, or heartbroken. It's also drunk when you are celebrating an event or holiday. Add to it the Prohibition Era of the United States in the early 20th century, and the organized crime, bootlegging, and speakeasies that became rampant in those times, up to the Great Depression.

 Booze can lead to dangerous situations, like losing your baby, your friends, bad health, committing adultery and murder, or being sick. It can also lift your spirits and ease the pains of normal life, hence a good subject and perfect for the blues!

 I complied a few songs that talk about alcohol abuse; so here we go:

 Pigmeat And Whiskey Blues - Josh White

I got drunk last night folks, talkin' all out my head 
Drunk last night, talkin' all out my head 
It wouldn't have been so bad, but my baby heard every word I said

 'Bad Whiskey Blues' : Leroy Carr & Black Boy Shine

I'm going back home, and start drinkin' again
I'm going back home, and start drinkin' again
My whiskey is almost done, and my baby just begin

 'Sittin' Here and Drinkin' (Whiskey Blues)  - Muddy Waters

Well I bin sittin here drinkin, I'm just as lonesome as a man can be
Well I bin sittin here drinkin, I'm just as lonesome as a man can be
Well now you know tell me dollar woman player remains
I wunder were you the one for me

'When I Been Drinkin' - Big Bill Broonzy

I don't need no money, I've got lucky oil on my hands
I don't need no woman's voice, always raisin' sand
When I been drinking, yeah, when I been drinking
Now, when I come home, baby, please let me lay down and rest

Corn Liquor Blues - Lewis Black

I want you to put one bottle : in my hand
So I can drink my way : to the Promised Land

Oh Lord mama when I die : I want you to bury me low
So these corn liquor gals : know I ain't coming here no more

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