Monday, July 2, 2012

Exhibition Called "John Coltrane VS the Jazz Critics 1961-1966" to Open

A new photographic and documentary exhibit by David Tegnell & Phyllis Bridges called "John Coltrane VS the Jazz Critics 1961-1966" will open from August 24 - September 16 at the Yalik's Modern Art Gallery in North Carolina.

Here's what the official website had to say about the free exhibition:

Yalik's Modern Art presents a documentary exhibit recounting former High Point resident John Coltrane's uneasy relationship with jazz critics during the tumultuous Civil Rights period. The exhibit, titled Coltrane vs. the Jazz Critics: 1961-1966, coincides with the 2012 John Coltrane International Jazz and Blues Festival, Saturday, September 1st.

Through an examination of photographs, letters, record reviews, commentaries, musical examples, and artifacts, Coltrane and the Jazz Critics details the strategies Coltrane employed to weather a concerted campaign by Down Beat magazine to discredit his musical experiments in the years before Coltrane produced his most original and enduring recordings.

The exhibit was conceived by David Tegnell, author of the article, "Hamlet: Coltrane's Origins," Jazz Perspectives (2007), and produced by gallery owner, Phyllis Bridges. Coltrane vs. the Jazz Critics is being underwritten by the Hayden-Harman Foundation and Friends of John Coltrane, and will run from August 24 - September 16th.

The official website is [here].

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