Sunday, June 24, 2012

Review: Hugh Laurie (of House fame) and the Blues - "Let Them Talk"

I know you would not really associate Hugh Laurie as being a singer... and even more peculiar, a Blues singer!

But it's true; last year he released his debut blues album called "Let Them Talk", and was the best selling blues album in the UK in 2011.

I was not sure what to expect; was it going to be a blues rock album? Chicago style?

Well it turns out it's a mellow acoustic album akin to something Tom Waits would do. I found so much similarity in the late night inspired moods, piano playing, and soft guitar work.

The songs are all blues classics reworked and arranged, and while the moods are great, the vocals are a bit of a let down. For some reason I could not take the singing seriously as all I could see in my head was House singing and it kinda took me out of the music and into the TV show.

However when I did pay attention, there were spots of greatness. But Hugh's voice is not convincing enough; his piano playing is great and the team of musicians on board (mostly New Orleans greats) are top of the line.

I found "You Don't Know My Mind" to be the standout track. There are 15 songs on the album but by the half point it starts to drag. Not a bad effort at all, but the style is less blues, more Tom Waits with a fake accent (Hugh is from the UK afterall). 

You can read more on the album's official website here.

And here's "You Don't Know My Mind":

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