Monday, May 7, 2012

The Jazz Entry in Uncyclopedia

If you want a laugh about stereotyping Jazz, then head over to Uncyclopedia's jazz entry page and have a few giggles.

Some bits:

- Jazz, not to be confused with jizz, is a thick stream of sound that is produced by blowing on long tube-shaped things.

- Louis Armstrong. First man to win the Tour du France with only one testicle while being on the Moon.

- John Coltrane. Player of the SEXaphone, which was originally used in the same capacity as a blow-up doll until Coltrane decided to put his supreme love into it.

- Jazz is being threatened by this supposed form of "jazz". Smooth jazz is not jazz. It is more like some sort of damned soul music that wrote a poorly worded letter to the devil asking to be a rock group, thus resulting in their damnation.

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