Sunday, April 1, 2012

A True Living Delta Bluesman - T-Model Ford

T-Model Ford, real name James Lewis Carter Ford, is a surviving bluesman from the Mississippi delta; he currently lives in Tennessee at 88 years old, and STILL got the blues.

Brief from his official page:

T-Model's credentials are impeccable; if anything he's over qualified. He was born James Lewis Carter Ford in Forrest, a small community in Scott County, Mississippi. T-Model thinks he's seventy-five but isn't sure. He was plowing a field behind a mule on his family's farm by age eleven, and in his early teens he secured a job at a local sawmill. He excelled and was later recruited by a foreman from a bigger lumber company in the Delta, near Greenville, and eventually got promoted to truck driver. Between that and working in a log camp T-Model was sentenced to ten years on a chain-gang for murder. He lucked out and was released after serving two. He says, grinning, "I could really stomp some ass back then, stomp it good. I was a-sure-enough- dangerous man."

Here's a track for ya:

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