Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Research Shows Rats Prefer Jazz When on Cocaine. No Joke.

I kid you not.

Times Union posted an article that says Albany Medical College conducted "music" tests on rats.

And then:

In one of the Albany Med studies, researchers exposed 36 rats to "Fur Elise" by Beethoven and "Four," a jazzy horn piece by (Miles) Davis.

The rats overwhelming preferred Beethoven over Davis, but they liked silence best of all.

Then Glick's research team injected some rats with cocaine and played Miles Davis to them over a period of days. After that, the drug-addicted rats preferred the jazz song even when they weren't on cocaine.

This study and another experiment showed the drug-exposed rats had increased dopamine levels in their brains and moved around more when they listened to music associated with their drug use. The findings indicate music may evoke drug cravings.

Well I'll be damned... pass the white stuff and put on "Milestones"!

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