Thursday, April 5, 2012

The Blues + Coltrane = WIN

When you think of John Coltrane you don't immediately think of the blues; however in 1962 Atlantic Records released the album "Coltrane Plays the Blues", which included unreleased tracks from the "My Favorite Things" sessions.

It's a great album, a change of the music Coltrane was making at the time. He was delving more and more into modal and avant-garde jazz; while this album is pretty tame in comparison. In '62 he also released "Ballads" on the Impulse! Label, an attack on critics who said he couldn't play slow anymore.

This song from the album called "Blues to Elvin", is a straight up 12 bar blues; not a jazzy blues, but a simple 3 chord, I-IV-V progression, with a late night feel.


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