Saturday, March 17, 2012

Mini-Review: CIK Folk Music Night

I'm usually up to date about music events; I should be!

But it was by coincidence that my good friend and music buddy Lewis told me about the Folk Music Night that took place in Cinemagics last night. It wasn't advertised anywhere!

It was organized by the Canadians in Kuwait (CIK). Obviously it's not a good place to make fun of their accents ehhh!? (kidding fellas)

Anyhow being a lover of music and not liking to miss a new experience, I went there and took the elevator to the rooftop.

The weather was great; and there was a BBQ going... the smell of smoky beef just made wanna eat every burger.

The ambiance was nice and so was the crowd. Modest turnout; about 60 or 70 people; who all were great fun and I met a few of the audience. The Canadian ambassador was there too.

However, the worst part of the night had to be the sound problems.

The event was to start at 7, but until after 8 the sound was not yet working and I couldn't hear the band. The band was obviously very frustrated.

Once the sound was up and running, an understatement, the band proceeded to play several folk and country songs. Too bad for me I could barely make any words or music through the shoddy sound system.

I took my leave early; which is a shame since I was enjoying the atmosphere. Perhaps after I left the sound got better?

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