Thursday, February 2, 2012

I HATE Plajat Street!!!

Plajat Street, one of the gateways to Gulf Street and Salmiya, is supposed to be one of the best looking streets in Kuwait. It's location on the beach is supposed to remind you of Miami (theoretically speaking).

In actuality, instead of proper development, of greenery, landscaping, we have an ugly looking beachside (which still looks the same for years), and what's worse is that there are works going on that just halt traffic, including that very annoying traffic light. This also goes for leaving the road towards Bidaa.

Yesterday during the rain, I was stuck there for almost one hour.

I do not remember the last time I saw Plajat Street empty or smoothly running. This is why I hate going to Salmiya (hey, I'm a Salwa guy).

Unfortunately I do not see a proper solution to this heavily used road; until then I will be using other roads.

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