Saturday, February 4, 2012

Fancy some Analysis? Read this Thesis on Miles Davis and Modal Jazz

Myles Boothroyd of Central Michigan University wrote a thesis a few years back called "Modal Jazz and Miles Davis: George Russell's Influence and the Melodic Inspiration Behind Modal Jazz".

19 pages written by an academic of music might be hard to digest, but for you music and jazz lovers there is some great history here about how modal jazz was conceptualized, the many technical aspects of modal jazz and discussions on Miles Davis' approach and the "Kind of Blue" recording.

Knowledge is never boring!

See the PDF article [here.]


  1. one of my favorite activities in Kuwait is an early saturday morning drive, tuning in to 96.9 - VOA music mix in time to catch their Jazz America show and trivia. good stuff!

  2. Then you will be happy to know that Jazz America host Russ Davis has commented on one of my blog post!

    Check it here:


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