Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Red Bull Shisha?!

It seems it's hip to create new and exotic shisha (arguileh, hookah, hubbly-bubbly etc) flavors... but wtf is Red Bull shisha made of? Is it actual flavor or artificial?

I should have tried it but I was also wondering what the difference in taste "Black Grape" and "Grape" could be.

I think I'm gonna create a Pepsi flavored shisha; think of all the money I could make!


  1. im no expert but i think the active ingredient is tar.

  2. True, but does that add to the Red Bull flavor?

  3. Good guess anonymous guy, but I know for a fact that molasses like Starbuzz have 0% tar and 0.05% nicotine. Normally molasses is baked instead of burnt and runs a filter through water. This is why you don't get harsh smokes from hookahs vs cigarettes. Nicotine itself burns up in the air at 95 degrees Farenheit. 0.05% = 50 g/kg and a bowls usually only hold 25g. 0.5 kg is lethal but you would have to smoke like 500g of molasses which is ridiculous.


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