Sunday, January 15, 2012

Low, Down, and Dirty; THIS is the Blues

In the Mississippi Delta, the home of the music that is the blues, is considered to be the "real" blues; where music was the only way to relieve those in hard times. It's sounds are gritty, usually also played with "bottleneck" slide and finger picking styles, and played solo.

African-Americans who were slaves at the time of the early 20th century combined African music rhythms with church hymns to create this wonderful music.

In 1978, Alan Lomax, who also discovered Muddy Waters and other bluesmen in the 1930s-1940s in Mississippi, recorded another documentary about the Delta blues. One such performer was Belton Sutherland, who I cannot find enough information about online. I guess this adds to the blues mystique.

This is too good; to hear raw and real blues.

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