Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Chicago Tribune asks: "Is this the twilight of blues music?"

The Chicago Tribune has posted an article regarding the state of affairs in blues today, specifically in the city that helped launch the blues to the mainstream after World War 2.

It doesn't start off on a happy note: "This is where Chicago blues is headed. A once visceral, urgent, profoundly complex music that told the story of a people — and, in so doing, ricocheted around the world — is slipping from public embrace in its primary home, Chicago, and beyond."

On page 2 it names us some of the artists and locations in the city, and some possible solutions to aid the music: "If the blues is to sing on in the 21st century, high schools and universities have to introduce the music to young listeners, who encounter it virtually nowhere else. Kids disseminate culture faster and wider than anyone — they could rejuvenate the blues as no one else can, if they only had a chance to hear it, study it, play it, talk about it."

Finally on page 3, they list a few places in Chicago to hear and see the blues live, and again plea for our help.

This is only in Chicago; for the rest of the world... we need to do our part to keep this music alive. For it was the seed that spawned everything we hear.


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