Monday, January 2, 2012

Back in Town: Dubai Airport Innovation, Kuwait Airport Mess Up

Our new years in Dubai was so much fun, and that city always impresses me every.single.time.

On the way to the airport; notice the traffic is low for peak time (2pm)
Seeing the Dubai Fountains under Burj Khalifa, how organized everything is... just wow.

One of the fun new things was at Dubai Airport:

Basically, for 55 Dirhams (approx KD 5) an hour you can rent a "cube" or tiny room that comes with a bed and internet access. It's great for those long transit waits. And it's conveniently located in front of the Irish Village bar/restaurant (so you can eat, drink, and smoke without the hassle of walking around the terminal.) See their website here.

And then, when I arrive to Kuwait, I get this:

At the bag collection/conveyor belt, the sign that indicates which flight arrives does not tell you where it came from; it only gives you the flight number. So I actually had to check if this was the right flight (I mean, who even checks flight numbers?)

Anyways it feels good to be back. I have big things brewing in 2012; for the moment all I can say it's music related.

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