Saturday, December 10, 2011

Kuwait's Virgin MG: Poor Jazz/Blues Collection

took the photo as a video by mistake; took a screenshot of it

I'm not gonna beat on a dead horse here and compare Kuwait's Virgin MG to Lebanon's or Dubai's...

(ok i will)

however being seen as a major (or THE major) retailer of electronics, books, etc you would think they could put more effort into their selection of music, specifically Jazz & Blues. It's all mostly generic compilations and like a 100 Michael Bublé albums, nothing remotely satisfying.

I love CD's; even though I burn them to my MP3 player, I love having the original retail copy in my collection. I love reading the booklets and all that.

But if there is nothing to buy... then my thirst for music is only quenched by buying them online (granted it's cheaper, but the shipping costs even via Aramex Shop&Ship is not really that big of a bargain anymore).

I urge that more effort is put to these selections of "non-pop rock/electro" genres. What's funny that the heavy rock/metal/alternative selections are even bigger... and that says something (considering we're in Kuwait).

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