Saturday, October 15, 2011

The Crap that is iTunes.

I got an iPhone a few months back as a gift. I have always been reluctant with Apple products; I just HATE iTunes so much. It's a restrictive software and all the DRM crap is just overboard.

I had an iPod before (80gb classic; got stolen. Since then I got a Sony Walkman), and using iTunes for music isn't such a big issue, even if you plugged into another computer and used a friends iTunes etc.

But now, with the iPhone, even though I can authorize it up to 5 computers, it won't allow me to copy apps purchased from another authorized computer. My old PC at work got fried and I lost all my iTunes data (partially my fault for not backing up); I could not update the phone to iOS 5 at home, since I apparently have to copy all the apps there first prior to upgrading, and the usual "you did not purchase those apps from this computer, data will be erased" crap.

Since I don't like smashing phones against a wall, I decided not to upgrade until I find out what the bloody hell is the right procedure. I'm not a super-technical guy... I just wanna use the phone and enjoy the few apps I have (which are probably much less than everyone else out there). So any help would be appreciated.

I just miss the days when a phone was a phone. It's true what they say... to make life easier you have to make things more complex.

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