Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Remembering Miles Davis after 20 Years of his Passing

Today marks the 20th anniversary of the passing of late great jazz trumpeter Miles Davis, who died on the 28th of September, 1991.

There's a great article at Jazzwise that briefly discusses some of Mile's (and there have been many) exploits.

From the article:

"It was 20 years ago today that Miles Davis died, a momentous day that made news around the world, and one that saw the passing of one of the greatest figures in 20th century music, a man whose album Kind of Blue is without a shadow of a doubt the greatest jazz album ever made, and one whose career saw groundbreaking changes in style and idiom that influenced both his own musical development and that of his bands, jazz in all his forms, and music in general."

A big salute to Miles, and here's a joke that sheds light on just how big Miles was:

A Jazz musician dies and goes to heaven. Once in heaven, he is invited by St. Peter to the monthly heaven Jam session with other Jazz Musicians.

Once he attends he notices that the players include Charlie Parker, Lester Young, Frank Sinatra, George Shearing, 'Trane, Bing and many more. They start the session of with a amazing take on Oleo, and continue on with Giant Steps, Donna Lee, Body & Soul and finish with East St. Louis Toodle-oo. The musican is very happy, but then spots a black trumpet player in the corner on his own.

"Who's that?" Asks the Musician to St. Peter.

"Oh never mind him" Replies St. Peter, "It's just God, he thinks he's Miles Davis."

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