Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Rare Find: Old Version Fender Bass Strings!

In late 2008, Fender outsourced their string production. This led to a redesigned packaging but also altered the sound.

I prefer Fender strings; I tried everything from D'addario to Rotosound to GHS to DR, and I just like the tone and feel of Fenders.

My usual setup are Fender Flatwounds ML and Nickelplated Steel ML. But since the shift, I didn't like the new sounds. So I stockpiled what I could, as the old models are no longer for sale online.

Lo and behold... I was in Dawliah yesterday and I found this:

Obviously they still have some old stuff as they don't sell that much... well I got lucky because these are the stock stings that came on most Fender basses before the shift... the ones with black silk ends:

It's like finding treasure (sort of). I already strung up my blonde P-Bass with 'em and will use it for practice sessions and the upcoming gig with The Mojolaters Blues Band.

People DO get lucky sometimes!

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  1. I had the same thing happen to me a while back when a dawliah salesman sold me a fender strap- turned out, it was old stock from the 90's! heheh.


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