Wednesday, September 14, 2011

1st Ring Road - Package Two Ready for Tendering

The First Ring Road's Second Package is now up for tendering:

The First Ring Road's development is to be of 3 parts; the first being worked on now. The second will extend the road from Parliament and the Gulf Road, and the third towards Sharq.

As per the official website of the First Ring Road development, the first package's site works began on 10 June, 2006, and the contract marks a date of completion of 1,400 days.

1,400 / 365 = 3.8 (we will round it up to 4).

There's more than a years worth of delay in the first package already, and as I read in Al-Qabas, the set date for the end of the year to hand it over to the Ministry seems to be not possible.

So how long will this package take?

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