Saturday, June 11, 2011

Lazy Saturday Blues

Most of you in Kuwait are probably dozing off or going to the beach by now. Some of us though have to work Saturdays. Guess who is one of 'em?!

So thought I'd ramble a bit here...

1) Dusty weather = ruined weekend
2) Heat = energy drain
3) Traffic = increased stress
4) Politics = two sides bickering over issues that take precedence over the needs of the people

On a positive note, songwriting for the Mojolaters is going smooth... lots of new material.

I also would like to share this website: I Get Blues, which is a nice little humor site regarding blues music.

I'll be back tomorrow; in the meantime, enjoy your day off you bastards (lucky bastards).

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  1. Right there with you Ali, Saturdays suck for me too!


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