Saturday, June 4, 2011

The Devil & The Blues: Blood Brothers

The devil has been associated with the Blues since Robert Johnson's legend about him selling his soul to the devil, after meeting him at a crossroads.

The devil is a metaphor, a personification of the evil that causes the blues (cheating women, gambling, big boss man, poverty etc).

It is known that the Blues masters are not followers of the occult or devil worshipers; on the contrary they were merely expressing the power of the devil and how to overcome it, and usually the songs describe the dangers of these temptations.

Here are a few blues songs related to the devil:

- Robert Johnson: "Crossroad Blues"
- Skip James: "Devil got my Woman"
- James Cotton: "Dealin' with the Devil"
- Big Bill Morganfield: "Whiskey"
- Sunnyland Slim: "The Devil is a Busy Man"

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