Sunday, June 12, 2011

The Case for Muddy Waters: Bob Dylan's "Modern Times"

Modern Times is a great album by Bob Dylan released in 2006. Won Grammy's and all that. And while I love a lot of the music, something strikes me as odd.

Two of the tracks, "Someday Baby" and "Rollin' & Tumblin" are most greatly known for being Muddy Waters songs, the former being called "Trouble No More". These two tracks go uncredited (along most of the other songs Dylan adapted).

Those songs were recorded in the early 50's by Muddy Waters, and while many blues songs in the past were adapted and rearranged by almost all, usually credit is given where due. Dylan in the past always cited his influences... but not this time.

So this is a public service announcement; keep tradition alive by citing your influences, and give credit where it's due.


  1. One of Muddy's best albums is the Muddy Waters Woodstock Album ...this was a project put together by our dear recently deceased friend Levon features Levon, Garth Hudson, Paul Butterfield and Pinetop Perkins among others...check it out there are some cuts from it up on YouTube...

  2. Good choice; I have the album... I thought Muddy's tone was too clean and I'm kind of still wondering about adding an accordion but it's a good effort. Last album for Muddy on Chess too.

  3. Woodstock album is a keeper...just real good blues, nothing epic. Although the harp playing by Paul Butterfield is phenomenal and probably the best thing about the album.


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