Saturday, May 14, 2011

Murky Water Blues

This video has circulated around all of Kuwait this weekend (and yes I'm late to the party).

This whale looks lost... and while I pity this mammal's predicament, if you watch the video, that's some nasty, dirty, littered water.

Guys... you love your country right? Marina is a place that's considered a tourist / family / hang out spot. Keep it clean goddammit.

We'll worry about all that gasoline in the water later.


  1. I better say nothing, otherwise I'll start with a long lecture ... sad really sad. I care mostly about the animals, people will find their way.

  2. and what makes me sad is that people who throw stuff are the same people who say "what don't you wave the country's flag during national holidays?!!!"

    Anyway nice blog there Saleh.

  3. SOOOO SORRY MAN! commenting at 12 am with my kid vomiting all of a sudden made my brain melt. ;P

    Sorry again!

  4. Kids... gotta love 'em :P no worries!


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