Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Blog Milestone: Over 600 views in 1 month!

This blog was created in 2008... however nothing substantial was done to it up until 2011.

Up to this moment, the blog has been viewed over 600 times this month, which for me is a great feat considering the short time and heavy competition!

Maybe I have more time and ideas in my head to write more often... I hope this blog can have a slice of the pie that is Kuwaiti blogging. Thanks for visiting and looking forward for more posts and visits!

The Blues is what drives me, and my views on life are about living in decency and keeping an open mind for all the cultures of the world. I've been in Kuwait for all my life, and studied in it's schools and have my own business serving public interests (through Ministry contracts.) I stayed during the Iraqi invasion. I always wish the best for this country that has been my home. So if some of my articles sound negative, the intentions behind it are pure.

Of course, playing bass, songwriting, performing, and spreading the message is also something integral! I want to thank my lovely wife for supporting me, believing in me and inspiring me to achieve, the Mojolaters Blues Band for spreading the message and staying on top of the game, and the family for being there.

Good blues to ya!

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