Friday, April 22, 2011

Muddy Waters' After the Rain: The Lost Album

During the late 60's, with special thanks to Jimi Hendrix, blues label Chess Records headed by Leonard Chess, urged Muddy Waters to record a psychedelic sounding rock based album of his blues standards.

The resulting album was "Electric Mud". Muddy disowned it, and almost everyone in the blues circle hated it. It didn't make it less popular though; it was Muddy's highest selling album. sound is very much as you expect from the 60's... highly distorted, open jam type riffs/structure, wah-wahs, bass clarinets etc. It's not my favorite but I do think it sounds pretty cool.

Another album was released called "After the Rain" in '69, a follow up to "Electric Mud". It featured less over the top sounds, but that spirit was there. If you hear some tracks of the album on Youtube, you will see the sound is very powerful yet very bluesy and Muddy delivers some high octane vocals and slide work, and his blues band is featured too (Otis Spann on piano, John Oscher on harmonica).

I cannot find this album at respected online stores anywhere. Electric Mud is easily found. Please send me some leads to buying this album for my Muddy collection!!

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  1. Looks like this is just out on Cadet Concept LPs in a 1,000 piece, 180gram limited edition.


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